Emily Boucher


Gods of the Forest

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   " Sculpting is my way of engaging with what Inoue Enryo called 真怪, shinkai, or true mystery—the secret thing at the core of existence. That thing we can touch, feel, explore, and yet we can never know. The thing that we find in the secret places, the dark forests, the between spaces.

    The process of creating, for me, is a reaching out, a grasping, a walking through to the other side, a meeting with my own self—my alter ego, a me who isn’t me. The part of myself that I cannot understand. What comes out in the end is simply its answer to my call… a glimpse into its world of knowing what I can never truly understand."

Emily Boucher is a sculptor who works mainly with clay. She is well versed in the lost wax process for bronze making, and besides sculpting her pieces, makes all of her own molds, wax patterns, and contributes to the metalwork & patination of her bronzes. She is a mold maker by trade and teaches mold making & wax sculpting at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, ME.

She holds a BA in English & minored in Writing at Keene State College in Keene, NH and has a MA in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College in Boston, MA. Her education in writing & story contribute greatly to the narrative nature of her work.