B. Boucher

Forgotten Shrine

    "Through the creation of art objects and the handcrafting of the tools which I use to make those objects, I am able to tap into something that I like to call, “ritual craft.” Ritual craft is the contemplative and meticulous manner in which these objects are created; however it is also defined by the sacredness of the resulting object. 

    In ritual craft, the effort put into creating every form, line, edge and surface transform the piece into a home for the spirit created by such an effort. The soul of the object, therefore, is a direct result of what the artist puts into the piece

    Through this process I am able to explore ideas of how ritual effects us as human beings, and how, through this ritual practice, we are able to impart something of our own selves onto simple forms—giving them the power of the sacred."

B. Boucher is a craftsman & wax worker who has worked in many different fields honing his skills in wax working, woodworking, knife making & sculpting. He has over 8 years experience working in the fine art industry & specializes in the lost wax process of bronze casting. He teaches mold making & wax sculpting at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, ME.